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Climate change is the result of a failure to price a key externality, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions leading to climate change. Pricing GHG emissions, generally referred to as “carbon pricing,” (although carbon prices are generally expressed in CO2 terms) has long been a key topic for conversations around tackling climate change. But while there has been a growing global trend toward pricing GHG emissions, there are many questions about the future of carbon pricing, and the role carbon pricing will play in tackling climate change.

  • Is explicit (as opposed to implicit) carbon pricing politically feasible?
  • Will carbon pricing grow to the point of materially influencing climate outcomes?
  • What level of carbon pricing (implicit or explicit) is required for a 2o C outcome?
  • What level of carbon pricing is required for a 1.5o C outcome?
  • What carbon prices are being forecasted?
  • Should the Social Cost of Carbon be used as a carbon price?
  • How do business sectors differ in their sensitivity to carbon pricing?
  • Will sector-specific carbon pricing be needed?
  • Should international negotiations have focused on coordinating carbon pricing?
  • What role does internal carbon pricing play in tackling climate change?
  • Does carbon pricing contribute to technology innovation?
  • What levels of carbon pricing are being advocated for by business?

These are the kinds of questions the Climate Web, based on 20,000 hours of knowledge curation, can help you explore. This Lite Roadmap organizes some of the resources available to you.

Key Carbon Pricing Index Entries include:

Key Topical Headings for books, reports, and journal articles:

Key Topical Headings for news and opinion:

Key Topical Headings for relevant videos:

Key Topical Headings for extracted materials:

Key Topical Headings for websites, experts, and more

As a bonus, here are some recent additions to the Climate Web you might find thought-provoking that relate specifically to the topic of this Lite Roadmap. They represent just the smallest sliver of what’s organized in the Climate Web with the goal of facilitating access to your actionable knowledge. Note that links with “$$” sit behind paywalls and we can’t provide direct access. But we are always working to go through those sources to extract key idea and graphics to share under “fair use” rules.

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To clearly see the differences between a Lite Topical Roadmap and a Premium Topical Roadmap, you can take a look at both versions of the Under-Estimating Climate Risks Roadmap:

The Premium Carbon Pricing Roadmap digs much deeper into the topics already flagged at the top of this page, among others. Representing hundreds of hours of research and knowledge curation, the Premium Roadmap links together together explanatory prose, topical headings, individual sources and news stories, curated topical dashboards for exploring key topics, and even individual ideas and graphics the Climatographers have extracted from a wide range of key sources. The Premium Carbon Pricing Roadmap covers topics including:

  • Differentiating between explicit and implicit carbon pricing
  • The political feasibility of explicit carbon pricing explicit
  • Carbon price forecasts
  • Carbon prices associated with a 2o C outcome
  • Carbon prices associated with a 1.5o C outcome
  • The Social Cost of Carbon as potential carbon price
  • Geographic sensitivity to carbon pricing
  • Sector sensitivity to carbon pricing
  • International coordination of carbon pricing
  • Internal carbon pricing
  • Carbon pricing and technology innovation
  • Business advocacy of carbon pricing

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